Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hopping Hare

A quick note this morning about another fantastic British beer I tried last night. Not from some hip pop-up nano-brewery in East London - but from supermarket stalwarts Badger. I've been disappointed with some other mainstream beers oriented around English hops, but this one - Hopping Hare - is well worth a try.

I am aware that the dry-hopping does include an American breed, but the famous Cascade is not alone in this beer (as an aside, if you wanted to try a beer with very well-tempered use of Cascade hops on their own, you need look no further than Anchor's Liberty Ale). Here, they are tastefully added alongside the more familiar Goldings, with First Gold hops being used for the bittering. The result is surprising and it makes for a very refreshing brew. A well-blended aroma tops of a slick caramel flavour to give us another great golden ale for the summer... whenever that gets here.

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