Thursday, 21 June 2012


I remember watching that one-off, feature-length Doctor Who set in 1999. They had it wrong: According to their vision of the future, ambulances would still have wheels in 1999. I knew that couldn't be true. Even weirder, Sylvester McCoy was listening to a record. In 1999! And the record skipped. That was part of the show or something. I can't really remember.

Parakeet are a band that is covered in dirt and sings through a radio 17 years ago. But they are a band that sings. This is what was going in the future while pop music was fighting over itself.

I caught them in Hoxton a few weeks ago. The crowd was into it, but everybody was a little too comfortable. Until a guitar solo. Jon Jackson is a rock monster, and having him play on songs like this is fascinating. I saw him play before in Loverman where his solos seemed appropriate, but this is totally different. And it works.

While I get my act together to put more things up here, have a listen. If there was a 90s sitcom set in 2012, then this is the theme tune that would probably have been better than the series itself.

Parakeet have a limited run of 7-inches out, but it's well worth getting out to see them. They are playing at Madame Jo Jo's on the 24th July.

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